1933 - 2014

Welcome to The British Association for German Shepherd Dogs (formerly the British Alsatian Association) which was formed in 1933 and is an Association of German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian) owners who banded together for the good of the breed and whose aim  is to help  members achieve the utmost with their dogs.

We have branches throughout the country which are officiated by their own members who elect their own officials and committee and subject to the Rules of the Association, govern themselves. The main lines of BAGSD policy are laid down by the ruling body known as the Executive Committee (EC) which is  elected by the members of the Association.

The Association is proud to have been the first canine society to organise weekly training classes with qualified instructors which our branches continue to provide. Instructor Schools are held at regular intervals to provide qualified Instructors for all of our branches and prior to being considered for an instructor's course applicants must fulfill certain criteria including being a member for some time, training their dog to a certain standard as well as being able to commit to the Branch for a period of time after qualifying.

The instruction given at training classes involves puppy socialisation and  obedience training at all levels. The Association does not train Guard or Security Dogs. Many of our branches also stage classes in ringcraft  for those interested in the "Breed Show Ring" as well as agility and working trials training along with social activities and progress competitions. Please find further details by clicking onto the different branch sites under EC and Branches or by contacting  your local branch secretary. For anyone interested in Working Trials please contact the Working Trials Secretary (name and contact number under EC and Branches).

Competition minded members may compete for trophies and/or diplomas at branch matches, Inter-Branch competitions, exemption and limit shows and enter the Championship Breed and Obedience Shows as well as Working Trials and other Open Events that the Association organise.

As the largest German Shepherd Dog club in this country we are naturally concerned with all aspects of  breeding and whilst we cannot, and do not seek to force members to adopt particular practices, we trust that they will show equal concern and responsibility for the future of our breed by taking such steps as are available to produce sound healthy puppies.

Whatever your interests  in our breed, the BAGSD will endeavor to assist you in achieving your goals. Throughout the nation within the BAGSD there is companionship, understanding and assistance from people who share your interest in the Greatest Breed of all "THE GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG."

In addition to membership facilities, for an additional fee we can also provide "THE SHEPHERD DOG" Magazine which encompasses our club's views, news and activities. Publication dates approx. April, August, and December.  For further details on these or any other issues please contact the General Secretary.