BAGSD Working Trials  

On the 21st June, BAGSD working trials section held a training day, open to members and non-members of BAGSD. (Members at a reduced fee, see what you missed.) About twenty-four handlers and dogs met at RASE Showground, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire at 9:30am, with a wealth of experienced trainers on hand to cater to their every demand (well almost!) We split people into four groups of six, roughly according to standard.

The course was designed to include opportunities for handlers who were new to working trials, and 50% of the handlers were indeed CD/UD level, and some complete beginners. There were a great variety of dog breeds, including half a dozen GSD’s, a Great Dane, Beardies, gundogs, etc. The four groups rotated four times in 1 ½ hour shifts with an hour for lunch. All in all, a fairly full day. Maeve Weselby and Anne Clarke were in charge of sendaways. Ruth Cahill and Sheila Tannert had the tracking covered. Jacquie Gibney and Roger Strimpton did the searches and retrieves, and Annie Thorpe and Madeline Hand showed the start and progression of agility. I was hanging around, making cups of tea, coffee, etc, and available for anyone who wanted heelwork or stays. Needless to say, with such a lot going on in the actual nosework sector, I was not rushed off my feet!

The day started out with rain, but what did you expect? This is working trials. But it cleared up towards lunch time and the fact nearly everyone was still there at 5 o’clock proved what a successful day it was.

My grateful thanks go to Leamington DTC, who allowed us to use their training ground and facilities, and also to the LDTC and BAGSD members who gave us their time to promote and run the event.

Careful use of the land meant we had enough tracking ground for twenty-four people and two sets of jumps available reduced standing and waiting time. I will bet handler and dogs were fairly exhausted by the end of the day.

Feedback was good. I think everyone enjoyed the day and most of them asked when the next one was taking place.